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I would just like to see the magnets that you see, I love them and would like to buy some

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With kids, school, work, and the holidays coming up, we could all use a little extra boost! We’ve got you covered with these snappy Carpool Fuel magnets!

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Aunt Edna’s Mummy Arms

Do these mummy arms look familiar? Remember your old Aunt Edna? The one who won that free trip to Egypt and never came back? Yep, those are her scratchy green nails. But not to worry-enlisting in the army of the undead was part of Edna’s mid-life crisis and she’s thrilled with the decision. This is one spa wrap that has permanently taken care of her upper arm flab! 

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Mad Mags Bestseller…Peace, Love, Pumpkins!

Ahh, pumpkins, Autumn’s Residential Squash Sentinal. Halloween’s Diva of Decor. The Ultimate Icon of October. What other food decorates your home, bakes into a delicious pie, and inspires fright and delight when properly carved and candled? Who can refuse to love the peaceful pumpkin? Not anyone who sees this stylish mag on your gas cap cover!

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Mad Mags Bestseller!

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Which Witch is Which? SALE!

Two weeks until the most chilling holiday of the year and we are having another Mad Mags Halloween sale! 

This week: Buy one pair of Which Witch is Which? witch legs, get any other Mad Mags Magnet free!

Sale starts today, 10/16 through 10/23!

Use promo code “WITCHY” at checkout!

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where are you Chrustmas mags?

There are about 350 retailers across the country.  You can locate them on our website, or order online at  Thanks for asking!